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Our Teachers

Maria Abilock


Maria Abilock teaches the Toddler and Dinner parent observation classes. PreSchool Family has been an important part of her family since 2004.

“I love working with children and parents at PreSchool Family and helping everyone learn about and manage their feelings. I also love game nights with my family, fostering kittens, biking, hiking, and growing my own fruits and vegetables in the garden."

Karla Berry


Karla Berry teaches the Fours Stay & Play Class. Karla has been teaching at PSF since 2011 after being a parent in the program for seven years with her two daughters. Karla loves to eat dark chocolate, bake, run, read fiction, do yoga, and teach at PreSchool Family.

Elizabeth Eaton

Elizabeth teaches our Infant Class.

“I love babies and I love getting to watch parents blossom in their roles. Finding a supportive community of families was so important to me when my own children were small, and I feel so lucky to have an opportunity to help provide that space for others.”


Becca King


Becca King teaches a Twos class. She joined the PreSchool Family community as a parent in 2002 and went through the program for seven years with her two daughters. She began teaching in the program in 2008 and is passionate about supporting families with young children. Before coming to PSF Becca taught as a first grade teacher and as a naturalist.

Becca loves swimming, fostering puppies, reading, traveling with her family, watching her daughters play soccer, and teaching the PSF 2s Class.

Jenn Pierson


Jenn Pierson teaches a Threes class. Jenn is a passionate believer in parent participation programs and was a parent at PSF as well!  "Snuggling kids and singing songs, giggling and being creative with my children, crafting to music, using my label maker and laminator, reading myself to sleep every night, obsessively loving hedgehogs and naming them "Steve" ...these are a few of my favorite things..."

Christy Rice


Christy Rice teaches the Toddler/Parent observation class. She has had three children attend Preschool Family. "My teaching interests center around promoting children's social-emotional growth. I also enjoy swimming, cooking, and riding my kids around town on our family cargo bike."


Karen Stein

Karen Stein teaches our Stay and Play afternoon children's classes. She began teaching at PSF for two years in 1980 and 1981. She returned to PSF in 1988 and has been teaching here since then. She was also a parent in the program with her 2 children.

Marjan Wilkes

Marjan Wilkes co-teaches a Fours class with French Yarbrough. She was a parent in the program with her two children and has been teaching at PSF since 1995. 

“I could not ask for a better job! Teaching four year olds is a wonderful excuse to be silly and messy; supporting and teaching their parents a source of great satisfaction. I'm always learning from the children, the parents, our classroom teaching team, the PSF colleagues (who are the best!) and the Greendell staff. When I'm not at school I like to read, potter around in my garden, swim, go for walks and travel with my husband".

Laura Zweig

Laura Zweig teaches the Threes Stay & Play Class and has been teaching at PreSchool Family for almost 30 years. She is also a dance and creative movement teacher and the happy grandmother of 2 wonderful grandchildren. 

“I think I’m known as the teacher with all the cooking projects. I love cooking, dancing, singing, and getting silly with 3 and 4 year olds!”