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Young Fives

Our Program

The Young Fives program at the Greendell School is offered to children who are eligible for kindergarten but are not ready to enter kindergarten. The program is designed for children who exhibit signs of immaturity or youngness that may prevent them from succeeding in kindergarten and future school years.

The Young Fives curriculum was designed specifically to prepare young children to be successful in kindergarten in all areas of their development especially focusing in on the social-emotional area. During the first five years of life, children’s development can vary greatly. Offering students this year as a ‘gift of time’ enables them to enter kindergarten fully ready. Children who are age-eligible for Transitional Kindergarten may also enroll in Young Fives.

Young Fives applications are available now. Families apply for the program and children are enrolled based on a demonstrated need. Due to the pandemic and in accordance with State and County health guidelines, we will not be offering on campus tours of Young Fives or in person observational screenings this year. Virtual information sessions were held in January, slides from the information sessions can be obtained from the Greendell school office. We will be starting our virtual observation process in early February.

If you interested in learning more about the Young Fives program, contact the Greendell School office or email Fiona Gersh.

Our Mission

For children:

  • To build confidence
  • To prepare them for kindergarten
  • To love learning and school

For families:

  • To understand  four and five-year-olds and their development
  • To be involved in their child’s education
  • To build community


Young Fives Schedule

  • Monday-Friday 8:30am-12:30pm
  • Extended Day (begins in mid-October)
  • Young Fives students attend extended day either Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday from 12:30pm-1:30pm